United States Power Walking Association

Race Officials Recommendations

Power Walking shall be considered as a fun but competitive event. Since Power Walking does not require the advancing knee to be straight, the judging or monitoring is much easier, with the goal of preventing athletes from running, jogging or moving forward in a creeping mode (creeping, where the advancing leg is stretched forward beyond a normal walk form, and the knee is bent into a running form, is forbidden and should be warned).

  • Race officials or Judges can be from the Race Walking events, or can be other officials or monitors assigned by the race director. 
  • At least three (and up to six) judges or monitors are recommended, and should be positioned equally along the course.
  • Each judge or monitor should use the above rules to prevent the athlete from infringing on the rules. Verbal warnings from the judges or monitors are encouraged if an athlete is violating the rules. 
  • Continued violation by an athlete should result in a red card issued by the judge or monitor. All cards are to be turned into the head judge.
  • If an athlete accumulates three red cards from three different judges or monitors, the athletes is disqualified and should be asked to leave the course by the head judge, monitor or race director. If the event has been completed, but the athlete had accumulated three red cards during the race, the head judge shall notify the athlete and disqualify him or her from the final results. The head judge or race director shall have the final decision on all athlete disqualifications. 

Race Course Recommendations

  • Race courses can vary, but for judging or monitoring purposes, a looped course is recommended.
  • Events such as the 1500-meter and 3000-meter Power Walks should be conducted on a 400-meter track.
  • Events such as the 5000-meter Power Walk should be conducted on the road, with a 1000-meter loop recommended (500 meters from turnaround to turnaround).
  • Cones should be placed at each turnaround, and in the center line.​
  • Although each athlete is responsible for counting his or her own laps, If the event has a large participation, it is recommended that lap counters (volunteers) be used to record each athlete’s lap, ensuring that all athletes complete all laps.